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Pet Food Pantry

Lambertville Animal Welfare and Fisherman’s Mark are proud to announce their new partnership to establish a Pet Food Pantry to provide dog and cat food, as well as cat litter and supplies, within the Fisherman’s Mark Food Pantry.  The Food Pantry has long supported local low income individuals and families experiencing food insecurity. The addition of the Pet Food Pantry program helps prevent families from having to choose between feeding and caring for their pets, and paying household bills or purchasing food for their own table.  Pets are often considered family members, especially for people with limited social support, and the Lambertville Animal Welfare program will reduce the financial impact of owning and caring for a pet.  

To qualify for the Pet Food Pantry, Fisherman’s Mark clients must show proof that their pets are spayed or neutered- or work with Lambertville Animal Welfare to access free or low-cost spay/neuter services.  Lambertville Animal Welfare will also assist, whenever possible, with veterinary care.

To learn more about this and any of the other Fisherman’s Mark services, contact 
609-397-0194 or visit 

Monetary and pet supply donations are needed to support this program.  To make a monetary donation, just click on our
"Donate" tab and be sure to designate your donation for the Pet Pantry.  To donate cat food, dog food or litter, please email Lambertville Animal Welfare at, or call 609-397-0461 and leave us a message.  We will arrange a time and place to accept your donation.

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