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HEARTWARMING STORY of BUGSY - a local cat!  

In September LAW received a frantic call from a good samaritan about a badly injured cat in desperate need in Lambertville - A volunteer rushed to the scene and called Animal Control Officer Nate Barson (off duty and sick in bed) for backup in netting the cat before he could disappear into the woods.  Six weeks in the hospital…and a heartwarming ending! 

Here   Bugsy’s tale will warm your heart and bring a tear to your eye…a determined young cat along with a Community working to save his life!  We are so proud and grateful for the collaborations we have to save local animals in need.  

Please consider donating towards Bugsy’s medical care as well as for the many other sick and injured cats and kittens that we help save. We are a small but dedicated non profit volunteer organization who rely on donations. Donate

With Gratitude for Bugsy’s rescue & care as well as the support of the Community! 


Shyanne has finally been CAUGHT after 18 months on the run in Bucks County, PA

Lambertville Animal Welfare’s  (LAW) “Team Shyanne” is overjoyed! 

unknownShyanne is a Catahoula hound who is 3+ years old -  she was in a house fire in South Carolina in early 2012 - her owner died and she lived outside for weeks before she was trapped and taken to a shelter. Shyanne had already had a litter of puppies and was not spayed…she was treated for heartworm and a rescue group sent her to a foster home in Furlong, PA, where it was hoped her luck would change for this sweet but very shy girl… 

Sadly after one day in her new foster home, Shyanne got out of the house and ran away just before Hurricane Sandy in Sept 2012- she survived Hurricane Sandy and continued to run and run and run...

16 months later, the owner of Lily a lost Australian Shepard spotted a mystery dog on her night camera in Solebury, PA.  LAW posted photos on our FB page and luckily a friend recognized her as Shyanne, the dog lost 16 months previously and 12 miles away!

She had survived one harsh Winter and now it was Dec 2013 and another harsh Winter was here.  LAW put together “Team Shyanne” (listed below) with the steadfast determination that we were going to get this girl!  Although she had once been a pet, Shyanne was in defense mode and very, very skittish & elusive. The few times that we saw her, she would RUN! She made a home in a massive hay bale on an abandoned farm and ate road kill etc. to stay alive. 

During the past 4 months we set up nightly cameras and dog traps with every imaginable bait to try to lure her in, but she would not be trapped!  Thankfully Shyanne did survive this brutal Winter, but we were at our wits end. We contacted expert trappers to assist and their help was invaluable  - it was their help along with the “allure” of two un-neutered male dogs that finally allowed Shyanne to be caught this week!   Nothing like a woman in love to suddenly become blinded by everything else! 

Shyanne was fully vetted and spayed this week – she is incredibly healthy, and although still a bit shy, she loves people and to be petted.  She is a sweetheart! She will soon start dog training lessons and then be available for adoption through LAW.

Gratitude to “Team Shyanne”…Donna Bowen, her foster Mom who brought her up to PA, Susan who is still searching for Lily the lost Australian Shepard, Nate Barson, ACO in Hunterdon Co NJ, Master Dog Trapper Steve Hagey (Lost Pet Detection & Recovery Services), Denise Bash from Animal Lifeline, Lambertville Animal Hospital, and two incredibly gracious neighbors who allowed us to use their property to set up cameras and traps.  

Shyanne has had a very tough few years surviving a fire, shelter, hurricane, harsh winters, hunger, loneliness, and many miles of dangerous roads– we admire her strength and tenacity to survive, and we are so grateful that together we were able to save her and offer her a future of stability, comfort and love!


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