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LAW is proud of our work helping outdoor cats including Community Cats and Barn Cats.  A few years ago we received a call that a Mom cat and 3 baby kittens had been found in a barn in Delaware Township, Hunterdon Co. NJ.  

LAW helped the barn owner get the Mom cat and kittens into a large wire dog cage and the owner fed and cared for them. This ensured that the Mom cat did not move the kittens (and they all then go on to have MORE kittens, and also ensured that the kittens became very socialized at an early age).  Once the kittens were 2 pounds we had them spayed/neutered and then adopted them into great homes.  The Mom cat was also spayed and vaccinated and remained on the property where she is now a very loved barn cat.  

“Mamma Cat” sent us this sweet Holiday greeting below along with a photo of her front door, decked out for the Holidays. 

“To all you hard working and dedicated elves at LAW….”mamma cat” and we wish you all Merry Holidays"

We love you Mamma Cat!  May Santa bring you lots of yummy mice! 


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