Seniors for Seniors. Lambertville Animal Welfare is very proud of our “Seniors for Seniors Program” where we match unwanted senior cats to caring senior adopters age 60 plus. The cat gets a stay-at-home mom or dad to spoil them, and the individual gets an adoring and grateful pet whose expectation is to be the center of the person’s universe.

Seniors often live on a fixed income, yet they may still want to adopt a pet. Studies have shown that pet companionship may actually improve senior citizen health and outlook on life. Lowered blood pressure and stress reduction are among the many benefits of pet ownership.

Through the program, seniors can benefit from the companionship of a senior cat without taking on the financial burden of veterinary care. For qualifying adopters, the adoption fee is waived as part of “Seniors for Seniors,” and all future health care will be arranged and paid for by Lambertville Animal Welfare. If in the future the senior is unable to care for his or her cat, the cat can return to a foster home through Lambertville Animal Welfare.

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